MUMBAI (Staff Report) – The Mumbai High Court Thursday acquitted Bollywood star Salman Khan in 2002 hit-and-run case, reversing the order of a trial court which sentenced the actor to 5-year imprisonment earlier this year.

According to Indian media reports, the HC judge AR Joshi announced verdict shortly after the accused appeared before court.

During the hearing on final day, the judge noted that prosecution had failed to prove that Salman Khan was driving the vehicle or if he was drunk at that time or not. Khan’s former bodyguard Ravinder Patel was the only person to testify against him of being drunk which is not trust worthy, he said.

He also raised several questions on the blood samples of superstar which were collected by the police in September 2002 after the incident, saying that police investigation in the case was highly deplorable.

Salman Khan cannot be convicted on the basis of presented evidences and witnesses, not matter what does the common man thinks about the verdict, the court said.

Earlier in May this year, Salman Khan was convicted of killing a homeless man with his SUV after a night out drinking 13 years ago.

The sessions court had found him guilty of culpable homicide and other charges including driving without a licence.

While declaring Khan guilty, Judge DW Deshpande rejected his claim that his driverwas to blame.

The judge said instead of reporting the accident to the police, Khan “hid” at home. “It is pertinent to note that the accused did not take any positive steps by visiting hospital to see the injured and provide medical aid to them,” the order said.

Following the judgement the lawyers for Khan had moved Bombay High Court against his conviction and got him bailed out.