MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor, who recently tied his knot with Mira Rajput, has finally conceded that his decision to marry someone from outside of film industry turned out to be quite extraordinary, as the actor at least someone ‘normal’ waiting at home.

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Ina recent interaction with media Shahid Kapoor, who was previously reported dating Kareena Kapoor and Piryanka Chopra, said I go back home to a normal person, who talks about normal things; and who sometimes tells me, “I’m not interested in what’s happening in your industry.”

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I love this ‘normal life’ with wife Mira, who is away from the limelight of glamour world, he added.

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“I am in a very happy space. It’s a new beginning. Everything changes after marriage. You become a man. You feel responsible. From now on, I will probably take more sensible decisions. I won’t be rash. The sense of freedom has now turned into a sense of responsibility. Even when I am deciding on a film, I feel, ‘If it goes wrong, it won’t just impact me; it will affect my home and my wife as well’,” said Shahid.

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