MUMBAI – On Monday, Nigam sparked one of the biggest controversies on Twitter when he lashed out at the phenomenon of “forced religiousness” in India after being woken up by the Fajr Azaan (Muslim call for prayer) from a mosque near his home.

Now under pressure from various quarters and segments of the Twitterati club, veteran singer Sonu Nigam has offered an apology in case his recent tweets were found to be ‘anti-Muslim’.

Nigam took to Twitter saying, “For those who are tainting my tweets anti-Muslim, tell me one place where I have said anything related, and I’ll apologize.

He also claims that when he spoke about loudspeakers, he mentioned temples and gurudwaras too.

“Is it that hard to comprehend? Loosen up guys.

Let’s take a look at his previous trail of tweets. What do you have to say?