Tanoshri Dutta, an actress known for her bold movie scenes, has bid farewell to Bollywood with a new haircut that has transformed her look completely. It’s a bob cut which makes her almost impossible to recognize!

She started her career with the 2005 movie “Aashiq Banaya Aapne”. The cast included another bold-scene specialist Emran Hashmi. Her debut was not a huge hit at the box office but still earned her recognition. She then amazed audiences with her acting prowess in movies like “Good boy” “Bad boy” and Risk.


While she has been unable to record any major Bollywood hit, one of her item numbers ‘Mummy ko Nahi Hai Pata’ became a favorite at night clubs across the country.

In 2010, a sudden move resulted in Tanoshri departure from acting and Bollywood.

She revealed her new look a few days ago, appearing in public like she has never been seen before. In addition to the bob cut, she has also started wearing more eastern clothing.


We have one question for th bob lady: Does “mummy” know about the reorientation?