Social media has done wonders. It has unearthed the most bizarre of incidents all the way from three women rapists targeting a victim in South Africa for three days to women in India digging 60 ft deep wells in the time span of three months, etc.

This time around, we got to see Virat Kohli, the ace Indian captain quite engrossed in his work at a branch of Domino’s Pizza in Pakistan. The story unfolded when a Domino’s Pizza customer Mustafa Sohail was just out and about his way to get his hands on some pizza.

Virat Kohli spotted at Domino's Pizza Shaheed-e-Milat 😂😂😂Credits:Mustafa Sohail

Posted by Just Pakistani Things on domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Did you see? Even Mr. Kohli would have been in utter shock if he was witness to this uncanny resemblance with the Pakistani boy. Ever since this episode, speculations over Kohli’s presence in the country has flooded our timelines!

The internet has certainly gone bonkers over Kohli’s doppelganger. Here’s proof!

Seems like our very own Virat Kohli is taking the stage! Let’s wait and see if this video breaks the internet and lands across the border as well?