The most sought-after wedding months in Pakistan ARE FINALLY HERE, & it’s showtime!

Though we all know how stressful (and at the same time, exciting) wedding shenanigans can be, at the end of the day it is all worth it. The bride & the groom look happy together and snap adorable pictures, the guests are entertained with music & lots of food and the kids are running around frantically.


Pakistani weddings are nothing short of fun!

The weddings extend for days, and perhaps wedding preparations (majorly) start one or two months before the wedding.

But has anyone ever thought what the bride is going through? STRESS STRESS & MORE STRESS!

Here’s a checklist for the BEAUTIFUL bride-to-be so that she has everything covered the night before her BIG DAY:

Eat a very, very healthy meal:

We cannot stress on the importance of this meal, even though the bride should be eating healthy eons before her wedding. It keeps the skin fresh, the mind fresh, and ofcourse gives your skin a natural glow. Ladies, cut the smoking and drugs and eat healthy before you get married (if you want to look like a million dollars, ofcourse). However, a great meal the night before would make you feel fresh in the morning, rather than a double cheeseburger and fries. That’s a definite no.


Pack a bunch of personal items:

Anything ranging from bobby pins to safety pins, nail cutters, a packet of Advil or Panadol, your cosmetic case, shoes, sweaters, shawls; in short whatever you need & someone around you may need, have it with you already. Assign someone to carry those things for you.

Turn your phone on silent, get a good night’s sleep:

Stop chatting on Whatsapp with your friends and describing your feelings, stop updating your Facebook statuses and STOP talking to the groom! Tell him you need your beauty sleep and put your phone on silent. Brides underestimate the effects of a good night’s sleep, even though it’s really hard to focus on feeling relaxed when you know your new life starts tomorrow!


Drink alot of water:

Water keeps you hydrated and protects the skin from drying. Also, don’t have too much water when you’re nearing the venue all dolled up, it is difficult to visit the loo once you’ve set everything up!

Have cash in hand, always:

Cash in hand will be needed for vendors, for make up artists, for the hair stylists; in short petty cash should be kept always for the sudden emergency payments (sometimes, someone is out of change or unable to visit the ATM). One of the most important things to keep a night before your wedding!


Make separate payment envelopes for vendors:

If your parents are taking charge for the payment of vendors, well & good. If you have to pay them yourself, make sure you make separate envelopes with the names of the vendors and hand them to someone you trust. This friend or family member will make sure all the payments are made on time.

Put everything you have to take to the reception in your car:

We cannot stress on the importance of this! Keep your wedding shoes in the car, keep your camisoles and jewellery and EVERYTHING else you’ll be wearing in the car already, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting in the morning. Be relaxed and cool in the morning when you go for your makeup.


Grab a pair of flip-flops:

You won’t be wearing your heels until you have to walk to the wedding hall, so wear your flip flops till then. Keep a simple, chic and comfortable pair of flip flops to strut around the salon in!

Have a bridesmaid with you AT ALL TIMES:

This person is going to make sure she cleans up and takes care of all of your belongings everywhere in the venue. Most probably a she (we assume), this person will be taking care of even the slightest bit of running eye-liner on your eyes (this person is the best!). Make sure you have this person, as she/he is a fairly integral part of your life (and wedding).

Write a LOVE NOTE to your HANDSOME groom (read: ADORBS!):

The last thing, perhaps, is the best thing of all. Don’t forget to write a short love note to the love of your life, telling him how you feel and how lucky you are to have him (finally!). Make sure he melts with the cute note & make sure he receives it in the morning when he’s getting ready for the big day!


(JOKE) =D Make sure it’s a little bit more love-y and less kink-y!

Girls, get your wedding shoes on & keep this checklist with you AT ALL TIMES.