#NoBuraiOfPTI: Top 5 excuses PTI trolls make for their party

People say the PML-N government has an easy time of defending itself in the media with an almost unlimited federal advertisement budget and a coterie of brown-nosing ministers, led by the occasionally coy Pervaiz Rashid, willing to stake their reputation and self-respect (presumably) to defend all past, present and future generations of the Sharif family.

Unfortunately for Sharif, none of this compares to what his rival, PTI chief Imran Khan has: an army of intergalactic space trolls, unwilling to even believe the time on their wristwatches unless the great Khan vouches that they aren’t rigged.

In fact, the excuses PTI trolls make for their party are so loud and single-minded that they have taken on a life of their own, surrounding the PTI chairman like a fiberglass bubble of obstinacy and deflecting any criticism coming his way.

Here are the top excuses PTI fans make for their party; and no, they’re nothing to be proud of.

1. When someone asks why women keep getting harassed at PTI rallies

It wasn’t one of us…

…But we’ve figured out how to thwart the Gullus anyway!

Because we are that serious about women’s protection!

2. When some media person dares to criticize Imran Khan or the PTI

Is it just me, or is that lifafa peeking out the front of his pants…

Let your ego soar like the Hindenburg!

…As long as a journalist can pose seriously, it doesn’t matter if he gets the facts wrong

The face of mulk-dost media

3. When people say Imran Khan hangs out with a bad crowd

Who said only the penguins are allowed to do it…

4. When people say that Imran Khan doesn’t know how to lose

A wise man once said…

Never say die, even when you’re dead!

…And when people talk about being a good sport, remind them about this:

And don’t even ask what the Third Umpire does…

5. When people say the PTI is only popular among the burger crowd

Sawaal tou Gen1 hai…



Ahmad Durrani

Ahmad Durrani is Associate Editor at Daily Pakistan Global. He is also an independent researcher and journalist working for Tanqeed, a South Asian journal of politics and culture. He tweets at @ahmad_sdurrani.