LAHORE – After falling in love with a Pakistani on Facebook, a 55-year-old French woman converted to Islam to marry 29-year-old Umair Ahmad from Khanpur and expected to have a “lot of” children from her future husband.

French woman, Kahterine Louvet first became friend with Umair Ahmed on Facebook, and gradually fell in love. Now, she is in Pakistan in order to get the love of her life.

Katherine, who was a Christian, has been given Islamic name, Ayesha, and the couple got married last Thursday.

Talking to Daily Pakistan, Umair, who is also a homeopathic doctor, said that he had sent a friend request to Ayesha who accepted it. Later on, “We spent time while talking online for four years.”

He further disclosed that Ayesha proposed to him, but “I asked her to come into Pakistan as I was unable to reach there. I also asked her to accept Islam to marry me and she accepted it even by leaving her family.”

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Ayesha termed her life happier than before saying “Life become beautiful after finding love.” Sharing her wishes with Daily Pakistan, Ayesha said that she wanted to have “lot of” kids from her future husband.

She said, “I want my husband to move with me to France,” adding that the plan will be implemented after getting permission from French Embassy in Pakistan.

Interestingly, Umair is also married and has a child from his first wife who has left him after learning about his second marriage.

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