KARACHI (Web Desk) – Security agencies are about to launch a crackdown against foreigners and immigrants residing illegally in the Sindh capital city.

A decision has been made, the ARY reported on Thursday, adding that members of the special branch have already started working on the crackdown against the illegal residents.

The main purpose of the crackdown is to update records of illegal foreigners, particularly in the wake of recent firing and terror incidents in the city.

During the crackdown, information of people from different nationalities would be collected, while more emphasize would be given to those individuals, who have long been working or living in the port city.

In the meantime, complete data of hotel employees, international students studying in different seminaries of Karachi would also be gathered.

Orders have also been issued to collect statistics of the union council members, working at varying flats and residential societies of the city for possible future correspondence.