LAHORE – The recently announced result of the Central Superior Services of Pakistan (CSS) gives a hint of the shocking deterioration of the standards of education in the country as only 2.06% candidates passed the exams.

Out of 193 candidates who were recommended for the appointment, 84 out of 85 were females, while 109 out of 114 were males.

Here is the full result: 


Salient features of the result:

Candidates appeared in written examination: 9643

Pass in written examination: 202 Candidates finally qualified after Viva

Candidates finally qualified after Viva Voce: 199

Male Candidates: 114

Female Candidates: 85

Pass percentage of finally qualified candidates: 2.06

Candidates recommended for appointment: 193

Male Candidates: 109

Female Candidates: 84

Whilst educationists are criticizing the educational sector of Pakistan for the dismal results of Pakistan’s top tier exam, another viewpoint citing the results suggests that the Federal Public Service Commission intentionally gives the go-ahead to a small number of candidates due to a limited number of vacant seats available in the bureaucratic web.

Below is the percentage of candidates who qualified written exam of CSS in previous years.

Year        Percentage

2016       2.09

2015        3.11

2014        3.33

2013        2.08

2012        7.94

2011         9.73

2010        8.22

2009        15.85