RAWALPINDI – Greed is a curse, a quote that proved true in Rawalpindi where a spiritual leader (Pir) was fooled by his own follower who deprived him of Rs 80 million.

A Rawalpindi-based pir who used to loot innocent people by exploiting their problems at last became prey of a fraudster.

As per reports, a man in guise of devotee met the spiritual guide and told him the story of his losses in business and asked him to pray for him.

After few days, he came back with precious gifts and presented them to the healer expressing his gratitude for praying due to which he got high profits in business. The fraudster asked him to pray more for his progress.

After a lapse of few days, he gifted costly vehicles to his leader, and cited even more progress in the business.

Seeing such huge profits in no time, the pir’s greed was aroused, and he expressed his willingness to invest Rs 80 million in his business. However, the disciple took the money and then disappeared leaving the pir in mental agony.

The spiritual guide had not yet recovered from the loss when he learned that the vehicles that were “gifted” to him were actually rented vehicles.

A police officer on anonymity confirmed the the incident, adding that they have not received any application from the pir to take action against the culprit.