ISLAMABAD – The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Friday hosted an expert review of the eligibility criteria employed to rank country’s universities.

The meeting was part of a series being held to gain input from academic experts and stakeholders to provide feedback on best practices and find avenues for further improvement.

Dr Arshad Ali, Executive Director HEC, chaired the meeting which was attended by Chairpersons and representatives of National Accreditation for Teacher Education, National Business Education Accreditation Council and Homeopathic Council.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Arshad said that the criteria should motivate higher education institutions to make required changes to improve their academic quality as well as develop a healthy competitive environment.

Before embarking on the new rankings which aim to rank university programmes rather than universities as a whole, HEC has sought a review of criteria for greater visibility and objective quantification.

The participants presented valuable input by examining each point and the marks that it carried.-Online