ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, during Wednesday’s National Assembly session, said that he had declared all assets in his name and was ready to face any investigation into his financial affairs.

He also accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of establishing secretive businesses abroad and evading taxes in Pakistan.

“I played county cricket in England for ten years and bought a flat from my earnings in 1983, the same flat was sold in 2003 and the money was brought to Pakistan,” Imran Khan said.

When, I decided to move my money to Pakistan, accountants told me that it was legal way to transfer funds through an offshore company, that is why I established the company and brought money to Pakistan, the cricketer-turned-politician said.

“I was given two plots by the government while I was playing cricket for Pakistan, but I donated both of them to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. I also gave my two cars to the hospital as charity,” Imran Khan told the National Assembly.

I could have started a sugar mill or foundry with my money, but I decided to donate everything to a hospital that is serving the people of Pakistan, he said.

“Have I ever denied owning the flat or opening a company to transfer funds to Pakistan?” he asked members of the National Assembly.

He urged government and opposition parties to prepare the Terms of References (ToRs) for a judicial probe into the Panama Papers leak, and threatened street protests in case such an investigation was not conducted.

The PTI chief categorically dismissed the perception that his name had appeared in Panama Papers for owning offshore company. Anybody can go to the website of ICIJ and search for my name in the leaked documents, he said.

On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif’s name appeared in Panama Papers because his two sons and a daughter owned offshore companies in their names, he said.

Imran Khan further added that instead of explaining money trail of his properties abroad, Nawaz Sharif narrated the tale of his family’s economic struggle in the National Assembly.

He also presented documents related to Sharif Family’s offshore companies and foriegn properties, while blaming Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for evading taxes and transferring funds to foreign countries using illegal means.

He strongly rebutted allegations leveled against him by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, saying that the government should order institutions like FIA, NAB and Police to investigate into allegations against him instead of accusing him in public statements.

“Prime Minister hit out at my Bani Gala home and made jabs at my traveling and lifestyle. If he is so curious, he should put FBR after me,” the PTI chief said.

During Imran Khan’s speech, some members from the government benches raised slogans against him.

“Are you going to set a tradition of hurling slogans when somebody is speaking in the NA, while Nawaz Sharif can barely read a paper?” he responded.

Earlier today, Federal Minister for Information Pervez Rashid informed the National Assembly that the whole session was being broadcast by Pakistan Television and all private TV channels. He urged opposition parties to listen to the speeches of government members, instead of staging a walkout like they did on Monday.