NEW DELHI- Dancing to Modi’s tune, Bangladesh has asked the United Nations to consider declaring Pakistan a “terrorist state” based on highly unreasonable and prejudiced allegations regarding militant attacks in India and Bangladesh.

“For the first time in the history of SAARC, four out of its eight members have decided to boycott the summit scheduled in Islamabad. This is a very strong message,” Bangladesh High Commissioner to India Syed Muazzem Ali told to international media.

India and three stooges Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Bhutan, chicken out of SAARC Summit


The Bangladeshi remarks come at a time when India is trying to “isolate Islamabad in the global community as a nation that exports terror to rest of world”.

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Once the eastern part of the country, Bangladesh emerged as a separate nation after 1971 war between Pakistan and India. The Muslim majority gradually grew stronger ties with neighboring India, while the Hasina-led government is now spitting venom against Pakistan on the behest of Modi government.


The Bangladeshi envoy in India stated that it was up to Pakistan to decide how it wants to conduct its future foreign policy.

He further demanded, “Islamabad should stop aiding terror groups in Bangladesh and stop interfering in the country.”

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Referring to the threats of Pakistani Defence Minister Khwaja Asif for using nukes against India in case of offensive, Muazzem Ali wondered how a meeting for regional cooperation can take place in such circumstances.

“His statement shows the atmosphere is not right for Saarc conference. Can’t talk about war and nuclear attacks,” Ali said.


Earlier this wek, India announced it was pulling out of the Saarc meeting in the wake of Uri attacks for which India prematurely blamed Pakistan. The Modi-government stated that a suspected Jaish-e-Muhammad suicide squad crossed over from across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir Valley and attacked an Indian Army base killing 18 soldiers. Islamabad denies accusations it was behind the raid.

Afghanistan and Bhutan have also said they are boycotting the Saarc meet. “All heads of state have backed India on Uri.