SRINAGAR (Online) – Indian Army is destroying the forests, water resources, environment and economy in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir by setting up camps and firing ranges, Hurriyet leader Syed Ali Gilani said on Tuesday.

Gilani, in a statement issued from Srinagar, said the whole region is being converted into a military garrison.


The veteran leader expressed his deep concern and anguish over the Indian Army’s demand for occupying Bajpathri forest area – close to Yusmarg hill resort in Badgam district – for using as an artillery firing range.


According to Gilani, the pro-Indian politicians are mortgaging and auctioning every territory’s property for personal benefits.

“The proposed firing rage in Bajpathri area will badly affect the vast forest area of Budgam and Shopian districts, more than 10 water supply schemes originated from this area and which are feeding the major and huge population of the area will also get impacted by this decision,” he added.


This proposal, he said, will completely destroy the Yusmarg tourist destination forever, besides endangering thousands of people residing around the Bajpathri area. “Like Tosomaidan, this area will also prove to be a death trap for the people,” he warned.

Gilani said India, on one hand, claims to be playing an active role in the Paris Climate Change Conference and the international agreements, according to which global attempts are being made to save the world from environmental threats.

On the other hand, to maintain its illegal and forced occupation in Kashmir, India is destroying every such thing in Kashmir which are vital for maintaining environmental equilibrium and which play a key role in controlling the fast rising global temperature, he added.


He further pointed out that India is treating Jammu and Kashmir as its colony of the modern era.


Gilani added: “This country (India) not only wants to continue its military occupation in this region (Jammu & Kashmir) but intends to convert it into a weapons depot.


“The policymakers of India have no interests with the miseries, life and death of the Kashmiri people, they have nothing to do whether the economy of this region gets destroyed or improved.


“They have no concerns with the protection of the forests, water resources and environment of this region, they are only concerned to strengthen their forced occupation in Kashmir and for that purpose they can go to any extent.”