Iran fires three rockets into Balochistan, no loss of life

  • PAF jet shot down an unmanned Iranian drone last month
  • Tehran voices concern over militants operating along Pak-Iran border

QUETTA – Three rockets fired by Iranian border guards landed in Pakistani territory Saturday, sparking panic and fear among the locals in Balochistan.

Reports from the area said the rockets were fired into Panjgoor district of Balochistan, which landed in Proome area. However, no casualty was reported in the rocket attack.

Witnesses said loud explosions rocked the entire area when the rocket landed and exploded.

Relations between the two neighbours are smooth following recent attacks by Iranian guards in Pakistani territory and the kidnapping of Iranian guards by militants in February this year.

Last month, Pakistani air force fighter jet shot down an unmanned Iranian drone allegedly spying in Balochistan. The unmanned aircraft was shot some 4km inside Pakistani airspace.

Pakistan shoots down Iran’s ‘spy’ drone in Balochistan

In May, five mortar shells were fired from Iran that landed in Balochistan’s Chaghai area.

Iran has voiced its concern over militants operating along the Pakistani border.

Earlier this year, Iran’s army chief warned that the country was willing to strike militants inside Pakistan – remarks that drew a strong protest from Islamabad.