LONDON – Quetta Gladiators star batsman Kevin Pietersen has refuted the news that he pulled out of PSL final due to PTI supremo Imran Khan’s comments regarding holding PSL final in Lahore being “madness”.

In a short video Pietersen clarified that his decision not to participate in the PSL final in Lahore was due to pressure from his family and had nothing to do with Imran Khan’s comments.

‘It had absolutely nothing to do with Imran Khan’s comments’ said Pietersen referring to his withdrawl from PSL’s final encounter.

He said he took his decision before the tournament due to security concerns.

Earlier, the cricketer-turned politician was lampooned for terming the hosting of PSL final in Lahore ‘madness’.

What made the situation more difficult for Imran Khan was a report by The News suggesting that when Kevin Pietersen was asked about going to Lahore for final, he cited Imran Khan’s ‘madness’ comments and refused to land in Lahore.

It may be mentioned here that PSL chairman Najam Sethi, also confirmed on television that two of the players including Kevin Pietersen directly or indirectly communicated the message that Imran’s comments dettered them from participation in high-octane final.

Moreover, Hamid Mir, in his television show also claimed that Pietersen himself confirmed that he was ready to arrive in Lahore for the PSL final before Imran made the comments in the purview of recent spree of terror attacks.