ISLAMABAD – Scores of journalists staged a massive protest outside Supreme Court of Pakistan after the IT minister allegedly snatched mobile phone of one of the journalists.

According to reports, journalist Azam Gill recorded a video inside the court room through his mobile phone. In response, IT minister Anusha Rehman snatched his mobile phone and tried to delete the video.

Anusha allegedly threatened the journalist that he could be imprisoned for making a footage.

Sensing the disturbance, Railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq intervened and requested Anusha Rehman not to delete the video and hand over the mobile to Azam which she returned.

Furious journalists staged a protest outside the apex court and did not allow Khawaja Saad Rafiq to brief the media regarding the proceedings of Panama case.

The minister kept arguing with the protestors, however, a few of the journalists kept reiterating that they would boycott.

The newsmen demanded Anusha Rehman to show up and apologise publicly for snatching the mobile phone.

Minister for information Maryam Aurangzeb urged the journalists to finish their protest suggesting that the matter could be solved through table talk.

However, some of the journalists kept chanting slogans saying ‘Go Anusha Go’. The tussle continued for over half an hour and Saad Rafiq had to brief media regarding Panama case amid this noise.

Saad also alleged that the journalists were politically motivated.