LAHORE – A massive fire broke out in a plaza on New Anarkali during the wee hours of Monday engulfing dozens of shops.

According to reports, one of the shops in the basement of a famous plaza caught fire apparently due to short circuit. The raging fire engulfed garments shops in the plaza in a matter of a few hours.

Rescue officials rushed to the spot and started emergency and relief operations but faced difficulty as excessive smoke billowed from the basement.

As per latest reports, the fire has been brought under control but has not been extinguished completely, for which an operation with six vehicles of fire brigade is underway.

The shopkeepers told the newsmen that the fire brigade staff did not have the complete equipment, including an oxygen cylinder, to control the inferno. However, the rescue teams refuted the allegation and said they were trying to put off the fire without caring for their lives.

This is the second incident of fire in Anarkali during the month of April. Earlier, on April 1, two people were left injured and scores of shops were damaged by a fire at a plaza of Guddi Bazaar at Ganpat Road.