ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal rubbished the rumors about the imposition of martial law in the country terming it impossible in the current scenario.

In an interview to a private television on Friday, the interior minister declared that the military leadership believed in following the country’s law and constitution but hastened to add that there were certain lobbies in the United States wishing to see martial law’s imposition in Pakistan.

‘This is so that Pakistan can be turned into a failed state and deprived of its atomic weapon’ he noted.

The comments came days after the legislator revealed that some hidden hands were trying to drift the democratic process while clarifying that the efforts would be foiled.

Drawing a timeline of the country’s stints with a democratic and martial law set-ups on his social media handle, the legislator wondered that whether the cycle of democracy followed by dictatorship would be broken this time.

“All are committed to preserving the continuity of the democratic process, except a troika of failed politicians, disgruntled media anchors, and a few retired servicemen,” the legislator tweeted on Monday.