ISLAMABAD (News Desk) – The National Counter Terrorism Authority, NACTA, has decided to publicise the names of all the people on the Terror Watch List, The Express Tribune reported on Monday.

Recently, all provincial governments handed over revised and rationalized Fourth Schedule lists to NACTA, which has now prepared the first-ever consolidated list of the people with suspect backgrounds.

According to reports, the list , which previously carried names of several politicians as well, now contains the names of about 8,000 fourth schedulers. Out of which some 4,000 belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone.

The Fourth Schedule list is prepared by the federal and provincial governments under different sections of the Anti-Terrorism Act and if anyone is found to have been an activist, office-bearer or an associate of any organisation involved in suspected activities his name could be included in the list.

Under the law, fourth schedulers have restrictions placed on their movement and must inform local authorities before undertaking any significant movement.