ISLAMABAD –  Another footage pertaining to a scuffle between Norwegian nationals and a lady constable of the Federal Investigation Agency surfaced late Wednesday giving another angle to the story.

The video that emerged hours after the FIA official was lampooned for brutally torturing Norwegian passengers depicts another side of the incident, showing the passengers misbehaving with officials on duty at the Islamabad airport.

The issue made waves across the country after it was reported that on Saturday, an FIA lady inspector physically beat a family due to their demand of tissue paper.

Initially, the Norwegian family stated that one of their family members, a student of MBBS, Fouzia Umer was thrashed by FIA official, and added that they were not allowed to head to Norway on that day.

But the latest video shows that the female passengers were the ones who had instigated the brawl with the FIA lady constable, before being tortured by another female personnel.

One of the ladies is seen misbehaving with other officials of the agency present at the airport. In addition to pushing away the lady constable, she had also attempted to snatch mobile phone from a male official as well.

The timeline of the whole episode is still not clear but as a rough estimate it appears that the latest video was caught at a time when the boarding passes were torn by the officials that angered the family and so they resorted to rude behaviour followed by the response from the airport officials, a video of which stormed the internet yesterday.

In an interview to Express News, the passenger detailed her side of the story before the appearance of this latest video.

“The flight had to take off at 12:45 pm and prior to that my daughter Fouzia Umer went to the restroom after obtaining her boarding cards and handing over her luggage. As she came out of the restroom, Fouzia asked for some toilet papers from a female airport staff” said Haseena Begum.

“The request angered the FIA officer, who replied that she was from the immigration department and had nothing to do with the availability of toilet papers that was apparently a menial job of cleaners,” Haseena said.

“As we stood in the queue for our immigration clearance, the FIA woman came and snatched our passports and boarding cards. She tore the boarding cards,” Haseena claimed.

On Wednesday, Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nasir also took notice of the incident and sought a report from the interior secretary and DG FIA in three days.