Indian claims of having carried out the so called surgical strikes have already met with rebuttal from experts and International organizations i.e UN.

Though the exaggerated claims of imaginary surgical strikes are not digestible and in no way stand the test of common sense, the Indian side persists on it.

However, Hashmi Pakistan in a very hilarious manner has illustrated this predicament in its new social media ad which wants us not to worry because unlike claims of surgical strikes, luckily, food can be digested.


The tagline reads:

Yeh Baat Kuch Hazam Nahi Hui 
Lekin KHANA Tou HAZAM HO Hi Sakta Hai

So, with the Hashmi’s admission, the fact has been established that the puerile claims of India are not digestible whatsoever, and accordingly we need not to put any mental pressure over it.