LONDON (Web Desk) – Pakistan hosts the third highest number of refugees in the world, says a report released by rights group Amnesty International.

Home to 1.6 million refugees, Pakistan is third in line behind Jordan (over 2.7m refugees) and Turkey (over 2.5m refugees).

In a report on the plight faced by the world’s 21 million refugees, the London-based human rights body said that 10 countries accounting for 2.5 per cent of world’s GDP host more than half the world’s refugees and slammed what it called the selfishness of wealthy nations. Many of the world’s wealthiest nations “host the fewest and do the least”, it said.

Amnesty lamented that countries immediately neighbouring crisis zones bear the brunt of the global refugee problem.

About 56 percent of refugees are being sheltered in 10 countries.

Top 10 countries hosting refugees worldwide

Jordan: over 2.7m refugees

Turkey: over 2.5m refugees

Pakistan: 1.6m refugees

Lebanon: over 1.5m refugees

Iran: 979,400 refugees

Ethiopia: 736,100 refugees

Kenya: 553,900 refugees

Uganda: 477,200 refugees

Democratic Republic of Congo: 383,100 refugees

Chad: 369,500 refugees