JEDDAH – Pakistan has been placed at the first position in the list of countries with highest numbers of overstayers after Umrah season, held in 2016-17, Arab News reported.

Out of total 1,453,440 Umrah pilgrims, 6,905 did not go back to Pakistan that is also at top position in number of Umrah pilgrims who had visited during the said period.

Pakistan followed by Nigeria with 1,629 over-stayers, while Egypt with 1,081 at the third position. Indonesia and Sudan were ranked at the fourth and fifth place.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is at second with 876,246 pilgrims in the ranking of top 10 countries for the number of Umrah pilgrims in last season, while Egypt at third position with 608,561 pilgrims.

“However, India came fourth with 525,278, and Turkey came sixth with 440,398 pilgrim,” the media outlet quoted.