ISLAMABAD – Chief Justice of Pakistan Anawar Zaheer Jamali on Thursday remarked that the people were being fooled in the name of democracy as monarchy was established in the country in the name of democracy.

The comments came while the Chief Justice was heading a three-member bench to hear Punjab Government’s appeal against Lahore High Court’s decision on the Orange Line Train Project of Lahore.

Previously, the LHC had directed Punjab Government to stop construction work of the project at eleven historical sites of the city. The provincial government moved SC against the verdict.

Hearing the appeal, the bench ordered Punjab Government to constitute a committee of three experts which would submit its reports on the project. The experts should have a neutral position on the train project, the court ruled.

During the proceeding, the Chief Justice said “in the name of democracy, monarchy has been established in Pakistan.” He further added that the people should think wisely while voting in the general elections.

At one point, Jamali responded to an argument of the legal counsel of the Punjab Government that there was bad governance in Punjab province in the name of good governance.

He went on to say that historic sites of Lahore were the our cultural identity and that the court will protect these buildings in any situation.

The court will resume hearing on Friday.