PFA likely to recruit wrestlers for safeguarding officials amid ‘hygiene battle’

  • Bodybuilders would be given Rs25,000 per month to protect PFA officials

LAHORE – The Punjab Food Authority which earned praise for its grand operation against unhygienic eateries is reportedly hiring 300 wrestlers and bodybuilders to protect its officials who face confrontation and manhandling during their raids.

The latest security measure has been taken in the purview of back to back incidents in which the PFA officials were taken hostage by resisting violators of the food laws during raids.

The stout body builders would be given a handsome, Rs25,000 allowance per month in addition to provision of food to them to keep their physique upto the mark.

Although the PFA has yet to confirm the news but the latest development would surely lead to improvement in hygienic conditions in restaurants.

Masses across Punjab already lavished praise on the authority for opting a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ against the owners of filthy food spots.

The authority, that disposes off thousands of litres of milk almost everyday, discards expired food items and impose fine on multiple hotels is intensifying its efforts to help people get clean food sans germs.