FAISALABAD (Staff Report) – The University of Agriculture of Faisalabad has expelled one of its gold-medalist students who recently criticised a musical event organised by the university in his Facebook post.

Syed Kashan Haider Gilani, a PhD student, received university notice stating that he was being expelled for “defaming the university image” through an act of “indiscipline and misconduct.”

The student was rusticated for “defaming university image on programs arranged in connection with Kisan Mela 2015, spreading wrong information, misleading student community on social media, showing disrespect to university and its administration, initiating an undesirable/unwanted debate about programs on social media, damaging repute and bringing bad name to university,” according to a notice issued to him.

Last week, the student was directed to present his written and verbal explanation before a disciplinary committee that decided about Gilani’s fate.