LAHORE – A Rahim Yar Khan-bound flight of Pakistan’s national flag carrier on Saturday landed in Lahore due to low visibility and asked passengers onboard to travel by bus to their destination.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Abu Dhabi landed at Lahore and the airline staffers offered passengers to facilitate them by taking them to their desired destination by a bus, reports Geo News.

However, the passengers turned down the PIA’s offer and refused to leave the plane.

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According to reports, reacting over the passengers’ refusal, the airline staffers switched off plane’s air conditioning system, resulting in suffocation in the plane, in which minors were also present, says the report.

Reportedly, the pilot refused to take the plane to Rahim Yar Khan because of the low visibility due to smog.

The approximate time distance from Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan is eight-to-nine hours on drive.

The passengers requested that at least the national airline should drop them at Multan Airport, in view of its proximity to Rahim Yar Khan.