KARACHI (Web Desk) – Ramping up the pace of Karachi operation, Police sprung into action and collared as many as forty suspects on Monday night from various parts of the metropolis.

According to the details, police sharpened its action against hardened criminals in the metropolis and conducted a search operation in the city’s Baloch Colony area, arresting fifteen suspects. The arrested suspects were then shifted to a nearby police station.

Shedding light on the operation, SP Aftab Ahmad disclosed how information was received regarding the presence of criminal elements in Lyari’s Kalakot and Chakiwara areas. A door-to-door search of the area’s houses resulted in arrest of fifteen suspects.

Ten suspects were taken into custody after Police conducted search operation in Sharafi Goth area of Karachi.

The provincial government along with law enforcement agencies has successfully arrested hundreds of criminals from multiple areas of Karachi. Many of the suspects belong to different political parties.