Police officers defend SSP Arsla who saluted Maryam Nawaz on JIT hearing

  • ‘She can never obey any unlawful order even from PM’, says ex-IGP Rai Tahir
  • PSP officer takes to social media to praise ‘humble’ colleague; say nothing wrong ‘according to rules’
  • Arsla Salim’s salute to PM’s daughter sparked nationwide outrage

ISLAMABAD – Active and former officers from the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) have come out to defend SSP Arsla Salim’s salute to Maryam Nawaz when she reached Federal Judicial Academy on Wednesday to appear before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for interrogation in Panama case.

On top of the list is Rai Tahir Alam Khan, the former Inspector General of Police who himself enjoys a good reputation. Khan says he is saddened by the criticism over Arsla’s conduct. “I have seen her working closely. I can say it with full confidence that she (Arsla) can salute a non-authority figure (Maryam Nawaz) but she can never serve her seniors’ unlawful commands,” the former officer added.

He further stated that “Arsla Salim is such an honest that she would even defy the prime minister himself if he gave any illegal order.”

He also praised the woman officer for her “soft and simple attitude and strictly disciplined nature”.

A PSP officer from Peshawar, also backed the female colleague, saying he does not see anything wrong with her salute. “There is nothing wrong in saluting Maryam Nawaz. Chapter II about Saluting in Police order 2002 is clear, and she did according to it,” the officer said, pointing out Rule 17.b in this regard.

He said that Arsla Salim is a humble lady and she is kind to everyone.

Another police officer Hasan Jahangir Watto also defended her actions on social media, saying “Arsla Salim is one of the most professional and balanced officers we have in the service of this country.”

“She is humble, down to earth and responsive towards each and every single individual that approaches her for help, and is always willing to help anyone in need, irrespective of their background or class.

“You would always see her with a positive attitude and outlook towards life and towards all people around her.

“She has excelled in her life and career only through her professionalism, integrity and character and will always do so,” he added.

District Police Officer Gujrat Sohail Zaffar Chatha, also a PSP officer, shared:

Soon as the SSP was seen saluting Maryam Nawaz who was there at the Judicial Academy to record her statement in Panama case, the social media went into frenzy, with netizens criticising Arsla Salim for her action.

Maryam Nawaz appears before Panama Case JIT for the first time

From the Opposition side, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan voiced his criticism on Maryam Nawaz Sharif “getting official protocol with police saluting” as she made her way to appear before the Panama Case Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza said she was taken from court to jail without lady police.

“Kiya main kisi ki Beti nahi thee Mian sahib,” she asked while writing “shame shame shame.”