LAHORE – Following violent clashes between student groups, the Punjab University (PU) administration on Wednesday imposed ban on the entry of political, religious and social personalities in the varsity premises, reported local media.

After receiving a preliminary report and recommendations on the matter, the university announced a new code of conduct under which parents of students will be asked to file a written testimony at the time of their admission that their children will not get involved in any political activity.

According to latest orders, the students have been barred from organising programmes of all forms within the institution and from inviting guests to their university hostels. The students will not be allowed raising slogans.

On March 21, at least 18 students were injured when activists of the Islami Jamiat-i-Talaba (IJT) clashed with students organising a Pakhtun cultural event at the Punjab University.

The severity of the clash could be gauged from the fact that tear gas shells were fired by police to disperse the violent students.