LAHORE – The Government of Punjab on Friday approved the Civil Administration Ordinance 2016 by reinstating the posts of deputy commissioners (DCs) and additional deputy commissioners.

The ordinance states that the posts of District Coordination Officers (DCOs) have been terminated in Punjab, as the deputy commissioners have been assigned tasks in all districts throughout the province. Around 153 DCs and additional deputy commissioners will handle the affairs of the province.

It is learnt that the finance department terminated 299 posts of DCOs and Executive District Officers (EDOs) before the issuance of the notification.

After the ordinance, the DCs have authority to hear criminal cases as justice of the peace. Moreover, the assistant commissioners within the district will be answerable to the respective DCs, who will also monitor all development projects in the districts. He will also ensure the best service to all residents.

The DCs will also hold meetings with police heads to ensure peace and be responsible for the lives and properties of citizens.

According to the ordinance, the DCs will have authority to interrogate the leader of the local council at any time. They will also monitor the performance of mayors.

They will also regulate the properties held by the government, in addition to determining the statistics of his respective district.

Earlier, the Punjab government had not issued a notification regarding Civil Administration Ordinance 2016 after police officials refused to work under the deputy commissioners.

The police officials had desired a continuation of the old system in which they are answerable to heads of the district administration.