LAHORE – Senior analyst Haroon Rasheed has claimed that Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif may get extension despite his repeated statements to the contrary.

Talking on Dunya News program Khabar Yeh Hai, Haroon Rasheed said that Raheel Sharif’s extension issue was not over yet, adding that he had information on the issue but couldn’t reveal it.

He said that according to his knowledge the issue of Raheel Sharif’s extesnion was still quite open. “He suits Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif. He is not interested in politics. In fact, as far as I know him, he is not capable of doing politics. Such person is ideal for the government as well”, he claimed.

“I have been saying this for last four months that COAS could still get the extension”, said Rasheed. He added that he did not mean that he was definitely going to get the extension but it was still on the cards.

Haroon Rasheed said that PM Nawaz would do anything to prevent a competent general becoming COAS. He said that Raheel Sharif had done his duty as a soldier to perfection. “However, it does not mean that he can make a great politician as well. Although it is not impossible for a good soldier to be a good politician as well.