ISLAMABAD – National Security Adviser Nasser Janjua on Friday clarified that former military head General retired Raheel Sharif was not going to lead a Sunni alliance.

‘Gen Sharif is nonetheless an equal friend of Iran and will not act against its interests’ said Janjua adding that it was still not clear as to when the alliance will start functioning.

The official maintained that Pakistan developed a bad reputation due to multiple factors, but the flawed reputation was far from reality.

‘The world thinks we are interfering in Afghanistan, our economy is damaged, we are playing a double-game regarding the Taliban and our nuclear assets are not protected,” he said, adding that the true picture of Pakistan was not being presented adequately before the world.

‘Pakistan is a beautiful country with countless honeymoon resorts,’ he noted.

The adviser inquired whether Pakistan was behind the establishment of Taliban and ISIS.

He maintained that Pakistan had fought for 40 long years for the existence of Afghanistan and confronted numerous difficulties.

Nasir Janjua said Pakistan had never played a double-game regarding militants, and said the Pakistanis had been exploited by the Taliban in the name of jihad.