MANSEHRA – Religious affairs minister Sardar Mohammad Yousuf has categorically stated that the federal government was not amending the blasphemy law.

“I want to make it clear that our government is not going to amend or repeal blasphemy law. The law will remain as it is and that those blaspheming against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) will face the gallows,” he told newsmen here on Tuesday.

The minister said claimed that the prime minister and his cabinet members weren’t opposed to the blasphemy law.

The law maker while expressing his views regarding Umrah quota allotted to pakistan said the government had planned to streamline matters related to Umrah and that parliament would legislate on it soon.

‘The Saudi government had restored the previous Haj quota for Pakistanis allowing 180,000 local residents to perform Haj in 2017’ he said.

The minister said extraordinary facilities were being offered to Pakistani pilgrims for the last three years which would be continued in the future as well.