MULTAN – A woman in Taunsa, who had claimed that she got her sex changed in order to marry another woman, is actually still a woman, according to a medical board.

The medical board submitted its report in Multan High Court during a hearing.

The court had sought a medical report in response to a case filed by the parents of Ayesha Sajjad who had accused “Maneel” Ahmed (formerly Naziya) of kidnapping their daughter. In response, Ayesha Sajjad requested the court to nullify the complaint as it was based on false information. She stated that Naziya had undergone a gender replacement surgery in order to marry her, and was now known as Maneel Ahmed.

Naziya told the court that male organs had started developing in her body, due to which she underwent a gender change surgery, adding that her parents were aware of her condition. When Naziya’s mother was asked to testify in court, she denied that any such surgery had taken place, saying that her daughter’s name was still Nazia and not Maneel.

The Multan High Court ordered the Nishtar Hospital Multan medical superintendent Ashiq Malik to form a medical board for the examination of Ahmad in order to clarify the issue.