Sharifs insider provided documentary evidence to Panama JIT, claims Hamid Mir

  • PML-N's minister hailing from Punjab provided documents to Panama JIT

ISLAMABAD – In a startling disclosure, veteran journalist Hamid Mir claimed that a minister helped six-member Joint Investigation Team with documentary evidence against the Sharif family.

Expressing his views over the long-standing Panama issue during a talkshow, the anchorperson said that the documents available to JIT were provided by someone from inside the ruling family.

He maintained that the minister who apparently created troubles for the ruling family belongs to Punjab province.

‘A Punjabi has backstabbed another Punjabi,’ he added without revealing the name of said minister.

This is not the first time, well-learned Mir blew the lid off ‘conspiracies’ hatched against Sharif family by their own confidantes.

Earlier, during the first week of the current month, Hamid Mir during the same show claimed that a member of the closed circle of prime minister Nawaz Sharif was meeting influential officials to muster support in a bid to become the future premier, probably after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

Sharif family asks SC to nullify JIT’s report

The sensational reports are emerging at a time when the much hyped Panama papers case is entering its final round as the three-member bench of the apex court has resumed hearing from Monday (today).

The top court would review the bulky report submitted by the high-powered JIT according to which there were glaring disparities in the family’s known sources of income and their actual wealth.

However, the Sharif family after a series of discussions with legal team submitted its objections over the final report.

The application regarding the reservation was filed by the ruling family’s counsel Khawaja Haris taking a stance that JIT has exceeded its given mandate.

The court has been asked to declare the report null and void by accepting their plea in the case.