LAHORE – Muslims around the globe are observing Ramazan fasts with reverence and the last Ashra of this holy month has dawned upon us.

However, many of them are oblivious about when faithful should stop eating Sehri (pre-dawn feast). Should Muslims continue eating after Adhan starts or avoid consumption or drinking is an important query.

According to acclaimed scholar, Dr Zakir Naik, one can continue finishing his feast if Adhan starts but should not resort to continue eating to satisfy the appetite to the full.

The scholar also quoted hadiths from religious books and said ‘eat and drink until the white thread of dawn becomes distinct to you from the black thread’.

Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 3 Hadith 1918-19

However, the Peace TV scholar cautioned that a concession should not be used as a cover-up to keep on eating.

‘If you have a bite left of a sandwich or a glass of water in your hand, you can take it but that does not mean you can go out of the way and touch your hand and pick up another glass of water or have another sandwich or keep on eating for a few minutes,’ said Naik.

He added that there is no Hadith which says you can continue eating until the end of Adhan.