ISLAMABAD – The Indian High Commission in Islamabad (IHC) has issued a visa to a Pakistani infant, Rouhaan, for the treatment of his heart disease in India.

“We will give medical visa for his treatment in India,” Swaraj had said in a tweet on Tuesday after requests poured in from a number of Pakistani citizens on the platform.

Swaraj had previously made the issuance of medical visas conditional on the receipt of formal requests from the Pakistani government, but seems to have softened her stance since then.

“Dear Rohaan, your visa has been issued and dispatched to Lahore today itself. All the very best,” The Indian High Commission said in a post a few hours after Swaraj responded to the requests on Twitter.


Mehwish Mukhtar, the mother of the ailing boy, had requested a medical visa for her son on Monday.

“My son needs treatment. Why [does] he suffer. Request issuance of urgent medical visa,” Mukhtar had written in a twitter post.