LAHORE – Imran Khan’s disclosure of Pakistan being a land of ’12 seasons’ during a speech on Sunday raised eyebrows around with many contradicting while others substantiating the observation.

The chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan while addressing a rally in Obaro claimed that Pakistan was rich in natural resources but further claimed that as many as 12 weather seasons were experienced by Pakistani masses.

As soon as he made the claims, Twitterati started estimating as to which ’12 seasons’ Imran Khan was referring to as apparently Pakistan observed four seasons.

Social media user Inam Rana tried to figure out the twelve seasons and actually proved that Imran Khan was right in his claims.

Rana disclosed names of seasons in Punjabi language starting from ‘Cheet’, analogous to Spring up towards ‘Phagan’ that corresponds to severe cold.