Fake News

ISLAMABAD – As multi-billion dollar project, China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) gets caught in conspiracy theories and hostile propaganda, a staffer at Chinese embassy has publicised the name of the journalist who is allegedly disseminating false rumours about CPEC.

Muhammad Lee, a staffer at Chinese consulate has accused Zafar Bhutta, a writer and reporter at Tribune, of maligning CPEC to sabotage it by writing propagandist pieces regarding the regional network of corridor.

Zafar had written a news story in the Tribune reporting that China had offered Pakistan that it was willing to finance the un-built portion of a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline project.

“China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) – currently engaged with the $1.4 billion Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG terminal and pipeline project – was keen to work on the remaining portion of the gas pipeline from Gwadar to the Iranian border to implement the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project,” the report added.

Muhammad Lee took to the twitter and called the journalist a ‘fibster’ who is deceiving the masses.

Lee went on to say that the report was baseless and said the rumors were dangerous in their nature and could harm the project. “There are many false reports circulating about the project, which should be taken into consideration and condemned,” Lee said.