LAHORE – Pakistan’s case as a country in global context might be one of the most intriguing and favourite ones for the observers of minority rights and persecution.

While the country may also have become synonymous with oppression and persecution of minorities, the other side of the coin hardly makes it to the mainstream media.

However, a photo of a young Christian woman who has been appointed as Lahore’s Assistant Commissioner and is also the Captain by rank in Pakistan Army stands out in sheer contradiction to the common perception about Pakistan held by many across the world.

Sidra Anwar, a young and bold woman who belongs to the largely underprivileged, socially marginalized and ‘required only as sweepers’ community, is not only breaking the stereotypes that surround the religious group but is also breaking the stigmas attached to women who make it to senior posts often thought to be reserved for men only.

Commenting on Sidra’s appointment, Christian Post wrote: “The rise of Sidra Anwar has renewed hopes among young Christian girls and will encourage more youngsters to stand for the beloved country and take Pakistan to new heights.”

However, it is pertinent to note that Sidra is not the first non-Muslim or Christian to be appointed to the senior post, there is a long list of non-Muslims who have served in Pakistan Army and bureaucracy since the inception of the country.