KARACHI (Web Desk) – The Consular Section of the US Consulate in Karachi opened its doors to members of the media on Friday to showcase its visa operations. The tour was designed to provide greater information to Pakistanis about US visa operations and procedures.

“We want to give all visa applicants fast, friendly and fair interviews,” said Nonimmigrant Visa Chief Mary Pellegrini, “so legitimate travelers can go to the United States, while still ensuring that we protect US citizens and visitors.”

At least 104,000 Pakistanis gained American citizenship in the past 10 years, data released by the US mission showed.

Currently, it takes one day on average to get a visa appointment and most visas are processed and returned to applicants within 48 hours.

The consular officers ask questions at interviews to evaluate eligibility under US immigration law. So far in 2016, Consulate General Karachi has issued more than 14,000 visas to tourists, students, business travelers, and workers.

In 2015, Mission Pakistan (Embassy Islamabad and Consulate Karachi) issued a total of 72,000 such visas; 64,000 were issued in 2014. There is no limit on the number of visitor, student or business (nonimmigrant) visas that can be issued, unlike immigrant visas where there is a yearly quota. Last year, 14,400 Pakistanis immigrated to the United States.