Despite the fact that Ramzan is one of the obligatory pillars of Islam, there remains a lot of confusion about fasting and its rules.

One common question that people ask is that will their fast become nullified if the food is in their throat and Fajr prayer call is made.

Answering the question, United Arab Emirates’ Grand Mufti Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael has said that If a person purposefully eats at Fajr time or after that, fasting will become invalid and the person will have to re-fast for that day, according to Hanafi and Maliki.

However, if it is not a purposeful act and food accidentally went into the throat and he makes an effort to get it out, it is not a sin, according to Shafi Mazhab.

If the person is successful in getting the food out, then he can continue fasting. If he fails in getting the food out, he should re-fast, he added.