LAHORE – In a bid to spread awareness about increasing number of heart patients and reasons behind such ailments, World Heart Day is being marked around the globe today.

Every year September 29 is celebrated as World Heart Day. The day is aimed to create a heart friendly environment on earth.

Heart malfunctioning is usually caused due to heavy fats intake, lack of exercise, smoking tobacco and drinking unhealthy drinks such as alcohol. Eating heart friendly diets (avoid processed food) and even 30 minutes moderate-intensity exercise could reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Heart related disorders, which are dubbed as cardiovascular diseases medically, are one of the leading cause of death on earth as more than 17.3 million die of such problems each year. The figures further reveal that 2/3rd (82%) of the deaths take place in developing and under developed countries.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) if the same pattern keep going on till 2030 more than 23 million people will die due to hearth malfunctioning annually.

In Pakistan at least 200,000 people, which mostly include kids, fall prey to heart diseases every year and the number is growing very fast. It also means that cardiovascular diseases are the cause of around 40% death in Pakistan.