Lahore (Web Desk) – On Wednesday, Facebook organized its first-ever developers meetup at Plan9, Arfa Kareem Technology Park in Lahore. Facebook had specially sent Matt Terrell and Sarim Aziz from the company’s Strategic Product Partnerships unit to attend the event.

Facebook’s goal for this event was to showcase the latest Facebook tool-kits to the developer community in Pakistan.

The speakers at the event included Usman Shami, Executive Editor of Daily Pakistan, Tanzila Khan, a motivational speaker, Badar Khushnood, ex-Googler and CEO Bramerz, Khalid Bajwa, founder of Patari, and Khurram Siddiqi, VP Products at

Usman Shami narrated the story of how Daily Pakistan’s online presence was able to grow from virtually nothing to 1 million hits per day in two years. He told the audience, comprised of students and developers, how publishers can utilize Facebook and other technologies to grow quickly get access to a large base of users. Tanzila Khan told the audience her own success story of becoming a globally-known motivational speaker by using Facebook. She said her journey started with a single Facebook post, highlighting the power of social media.

Khalid Bajwa’s, largely technical but captivating, talk was about the growth of Patari and how Facebook’s authentication tool and push technology helped Patari solve difficult business problems. Khurram Siddqui showed the audience’s Facebook chat bot that helps Rozee users find relevant jobs by using artificial intelligence.

Badar Khushnood from Bramerz also shared his experiences with the audience and said that a lot of people underestimate the power of social media. He told an interesting story about one of the largest publishers in Silicon Valley who had to go out of business recently because they did not take advantage of information technology because they underestimated it.

According to Matt, Pakistani Facebook developers community is the most vibrant community of all the communities he manages, which includes communities from India, Brazil, and Mexico. Matt was particularly excited about the FBStart program, under which Facebook wants to encourage young tech entrepreneurs by providing them access to platforms and technologies worth $80,000 free of cost.

Sarim Aziz gave a demonstration of latest offerings from Facebook for developers including Facebook share button, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Push notifications among other tools available for developers.

Head of Punjab IT Board, Dr Umer Saif also made a brief appearance at the event and gave a short but spirited speech about the potential of Pakistan in the field of IT.