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Who doesn’t want to live a happier and healthier life? At least it is everyone’s dream. But everyone is not ready to give in a lot of energy to finish it well.

Here are five things that every man should do everyday, to live a healthier and happier man life. And science has certainly proven all of these correct.

1. Pelvic floor exercises

A research at University of Bristol, where scientists studied men suffering from erectile dysfunction, showed that the ailment was cured after specific exercises to train muscles located in region around the penis.

The erectile function in 40 percent of of the studied patients returned to normal activity within three to six months.


2. Wear red

A 2010 study confirmed that men who wear red are more attractive to women. The findings said that red color is typically considered sexy for women only, but the fact is that same rule applies on men as well.


3. Do your share of the chores

Another significant study conducted in 2014 showed that dads who shared the household chores load with partners were more likely to raise daughters who had better chances of landing high-salaried jobs and less traditional careers.


4. Trim the bush on your face

One study conducted by the University of South Wales concluded that women consider the men with facial hair better at sex than those with little or no facial hair.

However that study also suggests that woman’s menstrual cycle could also affect the way she perceives facial hair of men.


5. Orgasm

There happens to be a large number of studies confirming the idea that frequent ejaculation prevents prostate cancer in men.

A research on the same issue which continued at Harvard for over 18 years and examined almost 30,000 men found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month were 33 percent less likely to get prostate cancer.


The article originally appeared in the Independent.