Kangana Ranaut is one brave actress who stays true to her word. She does not only speak her mind but speaks her heart out as well. Once again, she has done just that!

While taking a dig at the A-list celebrities in Bollywood, she suggests that the practice of refraining from commenting on serious issues that matter is wrong. In fact, so much so, the practice of caving into your own shell and not expressing your views becomes more than often irritating.

During a recent interview, Kangana revealed that she is not someone who can stick to the entertainment business. She feels like she is an individual personality and may even be even ready to leave Bollywood at a point in time, and whatever the other people make of her decision in the industry, she does not care!

In conversation with the daily, this is what she said:

“It’s not even relevant to them either. I am an actor, I’ll get a job regardless. So anyone who thinks that a profession is above one’s character and dignity is just an idiot who doesn’t know how to live life. Life is not about tricks and techniques. Life is about finding yourself and finding peace with that. The thing is, see, what is the definition of success? I want to ask a successful person. If you are crawled in your little hell hole, and you do not have a voice, you’re shit scared of losing whatever little you have earned in life, you are the most unsuccessful person in life. I want to tell these people that I have made this conscious decision that I set out to just discover myself and be like. You know, I don’t subscribe to this, first papa’s ghar and then husband’s ghar and then that’s just the cycle of my life. I just wanted to be an independent girl. But now at this point, at 30, I have earned a lot more than that. And it’s a conscious decision you make keh yaar,  I had just come ki mujhay thora kaam mil jaye, buhat hai meray liyay. And today I am one of the most successful actors, I am among the highest paid, I have won so many awards, I have even set records. What do I have to be scared of now?

I am more than happy to let go of this industry. And why? Because I don’t have an iota of respect for it. And they can tell. And that’s why they don’t like me. And my genuine reason for not liking this industry is very personal. And I always say, if I stay, good for them, if I don’t, good for me (laughs)! This kind of freedom also comes from the fact that I’m ready to move into another phase of my life, which can comprise anything. I can turn into an author or I can direct the kind of film I want once in a while or I can do organic farming -I ‘ve built a beautiful house in Manali. But the thing is if a certain industry doesn’t have any respect, or pride or even gratitude, why do you want to live like that?”

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