SHANGHAI – An American woman in a wedding dress caught the attention at the Shanghai Marriage Market as she offered US citizenship to the highest bidder.

Holding a placard with the line ‘USA Citizenship through marriage to the highest bidder’  American performance artist identified as Erin Peisert tricked people into believing the offer to be true.

Peisert flashed her american passport in bid to authenticate her claims luring in onlookers eyeing to land in US despite Trump’s extreme vetting policy.

However, to the dismay of young people planning to settle in US, the studio behind her work, Artless Studio, said that the work was meant to be a critique on marriage in China.

‘Matchmaking’ is a marvel of our time, [and it is] witnessing the change in family values and views on marriage in the chaos of capitalism,’ the studio said.

Legendary British actor Sir Ian McKellen tries his luck at the People’s Square marriage market

The Shanghai marriage market is a matchmaking event held at the People’s Park in Shanghai for several hours every Saturday and Sunday, where hundreds of parents gather to search for suitable spouses for their children.

The parents display information about their sons’ and daughters’ ages, height, weight, occupations and education levels on umbrellas, which they leave open for other parents to view.